Matt Is Just A Dream Come True!

He made the process of buying a condo so easy for me, and I can't say enough wonderful things about him. Just hours after I walked into [the office] he had lined up several breathtaking listings that blew me away, and then added more and more everyday since. We closed escrow on my dream condo within 4 weeks to the day that I walked into his officeunder my budget and way under their asking price!
Matt also found everyone I needed for jobs related to my condo, the best building inspector, pest inspector, and even the new contractor/plumber team for my remodel designs!
If you are looking to own your dream home in sf you have to use Matt. It was the smartest decision of my life.

He Is Always There And Always Follows Through

"Honestly I have never worked with a more ambitious Realtor. Matt and I do business on two
levels. He manages property for me, and he and I do Real property transactions together;
myself as the Mortgage Advisor and Matt as a very trusted Realtor. I have asked him to jump
through hoops on getting comps, broker price opinions, and he is ALWAYS there, and
ALWAYS follows through. In order to be Realtor in San Francisco, you have to be well
entrenched, and competent. There is very little room for error on the finance side, or as the
Realtor handling the transaction. Matt is getting there by his hard work, care for his clients,
and doing a supreme job, never taking the easy way out. EVER! I would use him as my
Realtor any day...